Boy Meets Bird

8 May 2007, 7:02 pm
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I find myself pretty jazzed up a little with the new project. (As if I needed a new project…) One reason I took us to the Birds of Vermont Museum today was that I was thinking about a new notebook just for LittleBirder to draw ‘birds’ in (at the moment, he draws sprawly lines and dynamic scribbles, and likes to use blues).

But there was enough to do that we didn’t get a notebook — didn’t really even find an opportunity to ask him whether he’d like to draw birds.

And this is OK. Good even. Let me temper and pace my exuberance to his ways of joy and discovery. Let me not create pressure to perform (there will be plenty of that as time goes on; and even now, let me keep that pressure to–oh–not screaming in restaurants, say). Let his interests and developmental levels guide our pace and participation. Let us be open to so much more than birds.


Beginning Birders
5 May 2007, 7:26 pm
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Why are we here?

My boy and I are part of the Birds of Vermont Beginning Birdwatcher project. As he’s rather too small for a blog–he’s 2–this is my companion record to our paper journalkeeping. I’ll be writing about our experience, sometimes from my point of view, and sometimes from his (based on his comments as we discover some birds).

Here’s what I hope to do with this project:

  • Have a good time with my son
  • Encourage feelings of respect and delight about animals
  • Foster good observation practices
  • Reward persistence
  • Get outside
  • Help out the museum, by providing feedback for this end of the age range of beginning birders
  • Maybe help out other parents who are curious about the wide wild world, or early environmental education