Boy Meets Bird

29 October 2008, 10:47 am
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I am washing dishes, looking out the window at the way last night’s heavy snow*.  It’s bowed the branches of our small trees and various shrubs, making rather lovely arches and temporary small cathedrals. A few usual small birds have been to the mixed-seed feeder we have going at the moment. There’s one right now, making the feeder swing with every attempt; it’s really too large for that feeder.

“Hey, LittleBirder, there’s a Blue Jay in the crabapple tree. Go look!”

He runs to the front door. This is a glass door, and at the moment surprisingly clean. I assumed he’d look through, since the crabapple is only about 8 feet from this door. Plus he’s in jammies, and it’s somewhat chilly, having snowed and all. But no. I hear it swing open.

And surprise, surprise, the Jay flies away. Oh well!

* 1″-2″ very wet and sticky, perfect for snowballs


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