Boy Meets Bird

8 May 2007, 7:02 pm
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I find myself pretty jazzed up a little with the new project. (As if I needed a new project…) One reason I took us to the Birds of Vermont Museum today was that I was thinking about a new notebook just for LittleBirder to draw ‘birds’ in (at the moment, he draws sprawly lines and dynamic scribbles, and likes to use blues).

But there was enough to do that we didn’t get a notebook — didn’t really even find an opportunity to ask him whether he’d like to draw birds.

And this is OK. Good even. Let me temper and pace my exuberance to his ways of joy and discovery. Let me not create pressure to perform (there will be plenty of that as time goes on; and even now, let me keep that pressure to–oh–not screaming in restaurants, say). Let his interests and developmental levels guide our pace and participation. Let us be open to so much more than birds.


Museum today!
8 May 2007, 3:10 pm
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Mama and I went to the Birds Museum today. I helped AuntieE put up a sign with a chickadee on it. Then I popped bubblewrap and used the floor sweeper. Before we went home, we went down to the bridge and threw rocks in the stream. We even walked down the path and found flowers! There were yellow ones, purple ones, other purple ones, and white ones.

8 May 2007, 8:04 am
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LittleBirder is watching an episode of Wild Animal Baby* in which the characters say “Look, there’s a hawk!” Then the video shows an Osprey. I pointed to it and said “That’s an Osprey”. LittleBirder said, “No, it’s a hawk!”


So I added, as the image changed to a Redtail then to a Kestrel, “That’s right, an Osprey is a kind of hawk.** You can tell which kind by the colors on the wings and tail.”

* No, we don’t always watch TV in the morning or even every day. I was living up to a promise and a request made without any whining at all. Lest you worry! And besides, he’s asked me while watching whether we can feed the birds later. OK, yes, I feel a little guilty!

** Is an osprey a kind of hawk? I guess I better go check. Close enough for a 2-year-old, regardless, I hope.